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At Charnallies your privacy is paramount, and we take any breach of privacy very seriously, so here we have outlined for your peace of mind our policy on customer and staff privacy.


From time to time we will request an email address from staff and customers, we will request email addresses for several reasons including marketing and advertising, under no circumstances do we share any information we have with 3rd parties, unless requested by an authority such as including but not exclusive to the Police or by order of a court.

How we collect data.

There are several avenues of data collection, these are as below:

  • Inhouse feedback cards
  • Email enquiry
  • Website contact form
  • Social media pages
  • Telephone enquiry
  • Customer bookings

Rest assure we do not collect data from any 3rd party nor do we share any information we have on any individual unless requested by an authority such as the Police or by order of a court.

How your information is stored

There is no reason whatsoever for us to keep any of your information on a hard drive of any hard copy at all, any written communication with your information such as email address, name or phone number will be kept on site and only accessed by authorised personnel who work for Charnallies.

All emails and electronic communication are stored on a secured server and can only be accessed by authorised personnel who work within Charnallies and website maintenance. All emails deleted within 12 months unless required for a longer period, NO DATA WILL BE COLLECTED OR STORED WITH OUT YOUR CONSENT

You have the right to access any data we have on you at any time and you can request deletion at any time.

How long do we keep your information?

If you have opted into our monthly newsletter we will keep your information for as long as you deem necessary, any marketing communication sent to you will have the option for you to unsubscribe and will have an immediate response. Alongside this we will endeavour to send an email to you every 12 months asking if you would like to remain part of the Charnallies Coureur, should you not respond within 1 month or ask to opt out we will remove you completely from our database and no further communication will be sent to you unless you opt back in.

Any email sent to us will be deleted within 12 months unless required for a longer period.

How we use your information

Your information is used in a number of ways in Charnallies here are a the main uses for any information kept on you

  • Marketing-we will from time to time contact you with offers and news of events held at Charnallies, you have the option of opting out at any given time
  • Competitions-we will run competitions every so often as only with your consent you will be entered to any draw or other competition of that nature
  • Gain feedback from customers
  • Confirm a booking
  • Statistical analysis- we will use your info to monitor whats the best avenue of reaching customers and monitoring traffic to and from our website
  • Responding to social media posts.

Social Media

Charnallies has a very proactive social media presence and consider ourselves to be down with the kids when it comes to this new-fangled tech stuff!

It is completely your responsibility what you share on our social pages and anything that you share on any of our pages remain in the public domain including photos, videos, Giffs comments and likes.

However, from time to time we do Live stream and post photos of events on our social pages if there is an issue with any of our photos or videos you can request they are removed at any given time.

Card Payments (PDQ)

All card payment slips are kept on premises in a secure area and not accessed unless requested by the bank or police,

Charnallies adheres to a strict compliance set out by the law under the financial conduct authority and under no circumstance will we use this data for any other purpose then it is intended.

For more information of the FCA visit

List of useful web sites

If you would like to know more on your rights regarding your information here are a few useful websites for you to visit