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Each member of the team is responsible for delivering their part of the Charnallies experience – we thought you might like to know a little more about the members of our team…


Having gained experience in branded chain restaurants for a number of years and working abroad, I learnt that restaurants were my future! But working for others was not necessarily my way to go, and so Charnallies (pronounced as in cha-cha!) was born.

The Chicago influenced concept of Charnallies hails from my love of the USA, having worked there I loved the atmosphere of American restaurants; the warmth and friendliness of service, the great tasting food and the overall ambience of the restaurant that all lend to creating a memorable dining experience which encourages return customers time and time again.

My vision for Charnallies was to re create this within our restaurant where diners feel welcome, where guests return because they feel part of our family. 14 years on, we continue to welcome regular guests who have been loyal diners at Charnallies from day 1.

My staff make me generally feel like the Mum; I get to hear all about their worries, the highs and lows of their love lives and also thankfully to hear about their achievements. I am proud of my team, and anyone who joins us must share the same commitment to the team and the future of Charnallies.

Back in 2004, when  my sister Lisa approached me and she was looking to open her own restaurant, I decided that I wanted to be part of this inspired new venture – so joined her at Charnallies as Deputy Manager.

To be part of a family business and see it grow has been hard work but also really quite exciting – though working alongside your sister isn’t always easy!

I understand how crucial it is as a business to be consistent in food and service quality, and much of my role is to oversee the control systems and carry out administrative tasks to ensure the business runs smoothly.

Charnallies really is an important part of my life – I even held my reception here when I got married in 2013!  The restaurant looked wonderful; my wife Gemminy and I were truly amazed at how the restaurant had been transformed, and it was lovely being able to share my special day with the team.  I am also grateful that I didn’t have to work the next morning!! 



I started at Charnallies in April 2011 as Kitchen Assistant, but progressed to Assistant Chef within the first couple of months.  I was a bit daunted at first, but Lisa saw I had the potential, and had confidence in me – and the guys in the kitchen are great so this all made the change a lot easier.

I enjoy working here, being able to use fresh ingredients and prepare food to order, and working in an open kitchen means that we guys in the kitchen get to enjoy the atmosphere of a busy restaurant – we often get guests coming up to the pass and telling us what a great meal they’ve had – this is great and really motivates me and the team.

It can get quite hectic, having a 100 plus seater restaurant means we really have to move our buts! but I believe I am quite a level headed person and cope quite well being under pressure. Then at the end of the shift there is nothing I love more than having a beer (or 2!) with the team; I get on great with everyone here and like the fact that there is a good bond between front of house and kitchen, this helps things run smoothly.  



I have worked at Charnallies for what it seems like forever!  I  joined the team back in 2006 as a waitress, and although I had previous experience in this field, I really did feel more at home at Charnallies.  The duties vary daily and the position is far more than just serving customers.  In  my time here I have seen a great deal of people approaching us for a job, believe me if you haven’t the passion, commitment and enthusiasm for fantastic food and service, you wont stand a chance!  I am fortunate to work alongside Lisa and the team in a managerial capacity too, that’s the benefit of working for a small business, you are noticed and your dedication is rewarded.  I also appreciate the flexibility of the position, it isn’t 9 to 5 nor are shifts set in stone so I am lucky to coordinate a fantastic work life balance.  Oh and anyone wanting to join us, please be sure to have common sense and a sense of humour . . please!



Being the lively, bubbly person I am really helps in my role as a waitress, our aim is to give all of our guests a fantastic experience, nobody wants to be served by a miserable person – and I always try to bring a smile to our guests, many of whom I know and have built up a great rapport with.  We offer guests the opportunity to complete feedback cards about their service, and I am proud that I regularly receive wonderful compliments about my service and interaction with guests.  Having just experienced my first Christmas here at Charnallies, I love that I got the opportunity to organize Children’s Parties and dress up and have fun, my personality really must be what got me the position . .  hey Lisa?!

Charnallies really is like a family, we look out for each other, and our regulars are our friends, not just a face!  I  have a number of regulars I look forward to chatting with and have also contacted them just to check they are okay when I may have missed them!  So, anyone wishing to come and work with us should be prepared to show the same dedication and enthusiasm for their job, nothing worse than just going to work to earn money!

If you’d like to part of the successful team at Charnallies – we’d love to hear from you – please give Lisa a call on 01255 688655.